Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gifts from Chicagoland

This post is also long in coming, as technically, I received these items before I received the items from Youko-san. Since I'm sitting around the house trying to be productive and catch up on stuff (I have a list of things to do), I figured I'd cross this one off. Whoo!

So, basically, the backstory in a few sentences: I met at a JETAA event, and we kind of hit it off. We mostly met only at JETAA events until I had more time during the day and could meet her at her place of work for lunch. We'd talk about our time in Japan, Chicagoland, jobs, JETAA, kimono, etc. She encouraged me to take out some books from the JIC library, which was fun.

Anyway, before I left the city, she mentioned that she had some kimono stuff she'd never use again and offered it to me. I said I'd gladly take it, and here's the lovely haul:

  • 2 obi
  • kimono and juban
  • 2 obijime
  • accessories for fashion and wearing
  • kanzashi (she now has very short hair and thus they are kind of useless for her)
  • parasol

  • All pics are from photobucket and clickable thumbnails.

    Let's start with the obi! I received my first tsuke-obi from my friend, starofpersia. I have yet to wear it, but I think it'll match a kimono I have on hand. It's got black flocked velvet design in what I think is clouds or water (anyone confirm or deny?).

    obi detail

    The other obi is also red-based (I think she also has a thing for red :). Just today when taking pictures of the items I found that it is a maru obi. I had thought perhaps a dance obi as the design is silver, but now knowing it's maru that makes more sense. The design is also flowing and looks like waves. Since it's not a summer obi, I figure it can be worn anytime, though on either side of summer is probably best. I think it'll match my honfurisode (bridal furisode) very well [it's green].

    maru obi Maru obi detail

    The kimono is an iromuji in one of the most common colors - pink! I would have said it was my first one, but I had one already in a different color, so it's my second one. The rinzu pattern is bamboo and grass, I think.

    The juban is a basic white juban; I needed more, so this is great. It's got a detail pattern of chrysanthemum (kiku) woven in. Needs a little work cleaning the collar, but I'll likely cover it with a han-eri anyway, so I'm not overly concerned about it. I just can't remember if it's polyester or silk; I'll have to take a closer look later. Likely silk, just older, as starofpersia said she often shopped at the markets in Kyoto.

    Pink & White detail on juban

    I also received some accessores for wearing kimono: a kohrin belt, a 'magic' datejime (one that's rubbery and does up with velcro), 4 himo (2 pink and 2 white), and a makura. Naturally, just about all the accessories are pink. XD The makura is my second one, yay! It looks big enough to use for furisode musubi, so that's nice and handy. I also received some tabi, as she's not going to wear kimono any longer, only yukata.


    Fashion accessories were also received. Whooo! I received a cloth for wrapping things or wiping hands (like a small furoshiki) that is blue-based and printed with sakura petals; a matching blue fan with characters on it, a mirror backed with pink chirimen, and a little envelope thing for carrying flat things (I forgot the name for it, haha oops) that tucks into your collar or obi. It's also chirimen with little plum flower (ume) details.

    Accessories Fan detail

    Since starofpersia has very short hair now she doesn't have need of hair ornaments, so she passed them on to me as I have long hair. There's a few things on pins like bobbypins: a little fishy and some glass bobbles. There's also cute pink cherries and a sparkly snowflake. The fanciest is a sakura with some pearls on a hairstick.

    Kanzashi Sakura kanzashi

    One of my favorite things from the gifts from starofpersia is this lovely beige parasol. :) It's small and cute, and super-duper adorable. The lace pattern is so neat and feels delicate, and it does provide enough shade when out and about (I had to test it). I've wanted a kimono parasol for a while and now I have one! Though I'd also like another one that's a bit bigger, and maybe in black, for matching more Western wear. XD

    parasol parasol parasol


    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Kimono Cafe Day in the GTA

    Kisa-chan and I decided since we had a holiday here (Labour Day) we'd dress in kimono and go to a somewhat local cafe (Caffe Demetre), and these are the results:

    Kisa is wearing a poly kimono with dots and lines in pretty blues, purples, and pinks with a pink Nagoya obi, pale pink/yellow obijime, and yellow obiage. It was a dreary day, so she wanted to lighten it up and make it a little more cheery.

    I'm wanted a 'cute' look, and I wore my poly hakama (dreary day meant I wanted to wear covered shoes) with a hitoe stripe kimono (not sure if it's silk), a green hanhaba with flowers, and my flowered haneri. Hairstyle is my new default side-bun with twists. Kisa-chan decided the outfit had a Meiji-ish look as it was stripes with hakama and books, and I agreed. Unfortunately, even with some safety pinning, my juban sleeves were too long. Oh well, I'll fix it for next time.

    It was fun to wear kimono again; it had been a long time for both of us.

    We nommed on cheesecake and iced cream and had a ton of coffee while plotting future endeavors. :lol:

    Not looking for critiques, just sharing!





    OMAKE (the wind caught my hakama and it was something I found hilarious):