Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kimono Cafe Day in the GTA

Kisa-chan and I decided since we had a holiday here (Labour Day) we'd dress in kimono and go to a somewhat local cafe (Caffe Demetre), and these are the results:

Kisa is wearing a poly kimono with dots and lines in pretty blues, purples, and pinks with a pink Nagoya obi, pale pink/yellow obijime, and yellow obiage. It was a dreary day, so she wanted to lighten it up and make it a little more cheery.

I'm wanted a 'cute' look, and I wore my poly hakama (dreary day meant I wanted to wear covered shoes) with a hitoe stripe kimono (not sure if it's silk), a green hanhaba with flowers, and my flowered haneri. Hairstyle is my new default side-bun with twists. Kisa-chan decided the outfit had a Meiji-ish look as it was stripes with hakama and books, and I agreed. Unfortunately, even with some safety pinning, my juban sleeves were too long. Oh well, I'll fix it for next time.

It was fun to wear kimono again; it had been a long time for both of us.

We nommed on cheesecake and iced cream and had a ton of coffee while plotting future endeavors. :lol:

Not looking for critiques, just sharing!





OMAKE (the wind caught my hakama and it was something I found hilarious):

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