Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hallowe'en Weekend Kimono Coordinate

I am procrastinating on job apps (my mind just can't take doing them for several hours a day any more), and so I thought I'd share my latest kimono outfit with you all. I didn't get pics of me in it, as it was dark and late.

I wore it to a showing of Repo: The Genetic Opera at the Bloor Cinema. It had a shadow cast, which I'd never seen before, and was fairly interactive if one wanted it to be. It was my first Repo experience, and while unusual, not bad. I did get a Coffee Crisp and a Kit Kat (minis) out of the deal, as it was Hallowe'en weekend. :D

As was all dressed up Nagoya-girl style in pink and floofy bows and lace, so I figured I'd wear kimono, too. Not as a costume, but as fashion, but people out that weekend wouldn't know the difference. I honestly did feel more comfortable in it that weekend as I didn't feel as "odd", as people could pass it off as Hallowe'en wear and not "what a weird girl".


I laid out several outfits, and then asked which one to wear, and he chose this one. I totally agreed; I liked it. It was more of a real outfit than something a little crazier for Hallowe'en.

I wore a hitoe wool komon that has a black base with a kikkou (tortoise-shell) pattern, and in the pattern is flowers and little ochre dots. I paired that with a homemade easy collar that used a white-on-white embroidery, a tsuke obi in red with velvety details, a yellow sash (from Nebuta, haha) that I used as an obiage and a red obijime that matched the red of the obi. For warmth, wore it with a basic black haori that has a few white shibori spots on it (to pick up on the white in the kimono). Paired this with my adorable Victorian-ish boots and a black hat and my Hallowe'en purse (silver-grey with a sparkly bat).

At the show, a member of the shadow cast approached us and complimented us on our outfits. XD She was in a white kimono, wrapped right over left as she was dead (and informed us of such, so she obviously has kitsuke knowledge; her whole outfit was fairly well worn). She expressed interest in finding out more about the fledgling Toronto Kimono Club, so it was a bit of a motivator for us to get moving on that and figure out a first event.

We got a few compliments from others on the street ('nice dresses', 'cute costumes', etc); one lady (50+) stopped and complimented me - not on my outfit, like I thought she would - but on my purse. XD

So without further ado, here are images of the outfit. Any questions, please ask!

kimono,obi detail
kantan eri boots


  1. I love how the obiage picks up the yellow dots in the kimono, it makes it feel very fun and youthful :)

  2. But why no picture of the purse?

  3. I'd already taken the other pics and uploaded them and was too lazy to do it all again. XD I'll have to share it in the future!